Micah Griffin always has a smile on his face, a kind word for everyone and a “can do/will do” attitude that makes the people he serves as a carpet and floor professional for On The Spot delighted to have him in their homes and businesses. Cleaning floors and carpets isn’t just a job for Micah, it’s a commitment to the clients he serves. Whether it’s an area rug, a tile floor or an entire home/building, that needs cleaning, Micah makes sure that the client is happy with what he does. Micah is known to make personal phone calls to clients, to make sure the work he did is exactly what they wanted.

On those rare occasions when there is a problem, Micah makes a return visit a priority and the problem resolved to the satisfaction of the client. Micah’s easy going personality, his ability to put everyone at ease in a minute, his dedication to his work and that ever present smile makes clients become friends — friends who always request him for their carpet and floor cleaning needs. Micah’s love of his work comes in second to only one other priority — his family.

A loving and supportive husband and father, his family often visits the offices at On The Spot and the love, laughter and smiles they share is a gift to those blessed to be in their presence. On The Spot is proud of Micah and his love of his work and his clients. He is a big part of the continuing success of On The Spot and we do appreciate him!!