Rosa Rosas is in charge of the 47 wonderful people who clean homes, offices, businesses and any/everything else that needs to be spiffed up and sparkling to the clients of On The Spot. Rosa is a amazing — she can see a cobweb from seven feet, detect a missed spot in a corner of every floor in every room in a second, and is as particular about how her cleaning people perform as she is about the people she hires to clean.

Rosa is the Queen of Clean at On The Spot and her cleaning people are her family and they adore her as much as she adores them! She never asks her people to do anything she wouldn’t do — but there isn’t much Rosa wouldn’t do! She is as fiercely loyal to her cleaning crew as they are to her. When the crew comes to the office to pick up cleaning supplies, the laughter Rosa and her crew share is delightful.

Rosa has worked for On The Spot for more than ten years, and she considers her cleaning crew her family. Rosa is a respected, appreciated and much loved member of the OTS leadership team! (The sweet puppy in the photo below isn’t part of Rosa’s cleaning crew, but Honey is part of the OTS family. Obviously, Rosa LOVES Honey!)