While many people in San Juan County know On The Spot’s Chief Enthusiast, Sheldon Pickering, for his business savvy, he is recognized by many more for his music and the kindness he shares with others.
If there is someone in need in the community, Sheldon will step up and help fill it. He spearheaded a project that updated a home for a family who lived on the Navajo Reservation. He serves on the Kirtland Central School Board of Directors, working to ensure students, teachers, staff, and parents have what they need to provide a quality education for children. He drops EVERYTHING when he is invited to share his musical talent with anyone and everyone. His love of the piano is legendary in San Juan County, and – other than his family, which always comes first – he would rather caress those ivories and play for others than anything!

For the 60-plus people Sheldon employs at On The Spot, his generosity extends to those employees, who Sheldon is proud to call his family. If an employee or a member of their family is sick, Sheldon checks on them, offering care and support that might be needed. If a financial crisis hits an employee, Sheldon works with them to help resolve it. If time off will help an employee with a personal or family concern, Sheldon makes sure that time is given, and prayers are offered.

The Monday Morning Huddle, which includes the On The Spot leadership team, always begins with a prayer. Sheldon then goes over the week’s schedule, offering support and guidance, as well as ensuring that at least two clients have a “thank you” visit to let them know OTS appreciates their business.
Busy – Sheldon and his lovely wife, Mandi, have five children – at home, at work, and with his countless volunteer efforts, OTS’s Chief Enthusiast has a wicked sense of humor, is known for making quick visits to the office to see what’s happening, and offers his support, advice and suggestions via text messages to his leadership team. He is involved in everything the company does and is always looking for ways to improve the services to current and future clients. No job is ever completed by the On The Spot crew until the client is happy.

If Sheldon could retire and do anything he wanted, it would be to give all of his time to music. He would find a recreational vehicle big enough for his family and his beloved dog, Mollie, and they would travel the country and be musical ambassadors of peace and goodwill. He would find those who need help, and he would help, and he and his family would play music and learn everything they could, while meeting everybody they can, along the way.
Chief Enthusiast is one title Sheldon Pickering answers to. And while that is incredibly important to Sheldon, there are other titles he loves more – husband, father, son, uncle, and friend. Add musician to those titles, and Sheldon Pickering has all he wants out of life well lived.